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We have a number of attractive packages for those seeking peace and quiet, families, action lovers and connoisseurs. Discover our top offers here and find the right one for you.
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Me and my kid(s)

7 nights
02.06.2022 - 24.06.202210.09.2022 - 09.10.2022
At Post Residence, single parents and their children can enjoy real family vacations.
from 369.00 €per room
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Dolce Vita Alpina Time

4 nights
02.06.2022 - 24.06.202218.09.2022 - 09.10.2022
For stays from 4 nights on you get one night for free!
from 186.00 €per room
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5=4 at the Post Residence

5 nights
24.06.2022 - 03.07.202210.09.2022 - 18.09.2022
For stays from 5 nights on you get one night for free!
from 315.00 €per room
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Friends Days

5 nights - 28.08.2022 - 11.09.2022
For our dear regular guests and their friends we thought of a very special treat!
from 415.00 €per room
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