A lovely time all alone

In the Post Hotel, grown-ups can be alone for once

I love children! After all, I am a mother myself. Which is how I know exactly how much good travelling without the little ones does for you. All by yourself with a loved one. Or with your best friends. Happily doing whatever you want to do:
dining, lying by the pool for hours, visiting the sauna. Climbing up to the top of the mountain or having a blast on the slopes. Enjoying the romance and feeling how close you can still be. Having great conversations and cementing friendships. With nothing and nobody to disturb these moments.

We want to make moments like this come true in the Post Hotel. For this reason, only children from 14 years of age are welcome to stay with us. Those who do not want to go on holiday without the little ones are welcome to stay in our family hotel Post Alpina, which is specially designed for families and able to meet virtually every need.

Your Wilma Wachtler
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