In our restaurant we cater for sophisticated diners.

Who doesn’t know the feeling of yearning for relaxation and a special evening after a long day? Our restaurant at the Post Hotel is your perfect place. Highlights of sophisticated South Tyrolean cuisine meet with Mediterranean influences - delighting your palate! How I love serving creative dishes and the finest wines to our visitors. The joy in their eyes when they take that delicious first bite...
Our restaurant is open to non-residents and ideal for romantic dinners, for company outings and for meals out with friends. Before you come to the table, I recommend a visit to our P-Lounge, where our team serves delicious aperitifs. You can also enjoy a nightcap there before turning in for the night. Does this whet your appetite? We are looking forward to treating you!

Rodolfo Infante (Service)

Click here to see our à la carte menu for winter 2023-24. 
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