This is what your holiday with us could look like...

…because your well-being is our top priority!

Dear guests,
what is better than to enjoy our beautiful nature in the heart of the Dolomites! In the immediate vicinity of our hotel numerous hiking paths await you.
The actual situation presents us with special challenges, which we are happy to engage with. Of course, you can expect the highest hygiene standards from us for a carefree stay.

Take a moment to lean back and imagine your holiday with us. It will be heavenly (despite the many precautionary measures); that’s our promise!

Step 1: Before your stay

Have you already booked with us and are you looking forward to your holiday? To make sure that check-in is as quick as possible, you can complete our online pre-check-in form. We will email it to you a few days before your arrival.

Step 2: Arrival with us

Welcome with us at the Post Alpina! Enter our hotel without any fears.

Throughout the hotel there are sanitiser dispensers for your use. You will feel fresh and clean all day long. Our caring housekeeping team ensures that every surface and every touching point in the hotel is cleaned and disinfected several times a day. To be on the safe side. Our whole ventilation system has been sanitized. All our staff have had hygiene training and follow strict rules of conduct and all wear masks. We have a protocol to ensure that all protective measures are being followed. We kindly ask all our guests to wear their personal masks in public areas. 
One of our team will be at Reception to assist you with checking in. Our welcome will have to be a little more distanced (we will be wearing masks), but that does not mean that you will miss out on our usual warm hospitality. Thanks to the pre-check-in, the process at Reception will be fast and you will soon be in your room.

Step 3: Your stay

Welcome to your private retreat in your room. Here too, we place great emphasis on cleanliness and hygiene. The whole room has been deep-cleaned and disinfected, where required using our ozone generators. We leave no room for germs and bacteria. In all our rooms/apartments you will find a tablet, our suitepad. Naturally, this too will have been disinfected. This contains all important information for your stay. You can find information on our hygiene regime, browse the web, search for information on hikes and other excursions, order meals from the restaurant and drinks from the bar. You can choose: either do everything conveniently using the tablet, contact our team by phone or contact them in person. It’s entirely up to you.

Step 4: Eating on holiday

Our dining room is even more spacious because we naturally adhere to social distancing rules. To guarantee that our service is as hygienic as possible, our service team all wear masks and gloves. You also have the possibility to dine comfortably with your family in your cozy suite. We serve dinner at your table. Our hotel guests can choose from the half-board menu. If you have not booked half-board, you can order from a reduced à la carte menu (surcharge applies). 

Step 5: Your family holiday and our miniclub

Finally, children can be children again and charge about (relatively) freely. We are looking forward to meeting our small guests. Our trained childminders have come up with plenty of outdoor activities. The main focus of our programme this year will be outdoors. Measuring the temperature before entering the mini club an face masks for kids will guarantee a maximum of security. We kindly ask you to bring along the personal face mask for your kids. Due to the current situation, parents have no access to the mini club at the moment.
At our new Baby Club (without animation) the smallests guests can enjoy the time together with their parents. Please be aware, that only a limited number of people is allowed to enter the Baby Room. 
Like the rest of the hotel, all children’s areas are disinfected regularly. We also disinfect all equipment on loan for children before every use.

Step 6: Our Vita Alpina Spa

Minimum distances will be enforced and only a certain number of guests may use the pool/sauna at any one time. The whole wellness area is disinfected regularly.

Our Vita Alpina Spa is open for guests with Super Green Pass. You can choose from a great range of relaxing treatments. Of course, our spa staff will wear face masks and (if desired) gloves too.

Thank you for your understanding.

Your well-being is our top priority! We therefore accept the challenges of this unique situation and continuously adapt our inclusive services to the recommended safety measures. To ensure your safety, will only offer you those services that we can provide with complete peace of mind. 

Click here to check out our cancellation policies. 

For further information about your stay in South Tyrol, about your arrival and the departure we kindly ask you to check the official website of South Tyrol.
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